Cheeks and Squeaks is a dynamic duo! We are two girls with a passion for all things Syrian Hamsters! Our team is made up of Erin, located in Orange County, and Tony, Located in Ventura County. 

When our breeder, Linda Price of AAA Hamsters decided to retire we spent months discussing what will happen to this line of amazing Hamsters. After careful consideration and the advise of Strong Brew Hamstery owner, Julianna, we decided we had to give it a shot and breed. Linda Price, Julianna Rock and Amy Wu have all been mentors and an amazing support system in this big adventure.  

We have been very active with the California Hamster Association and will join Amy of Moxie Hamstery in keeping the shows alive after it was handed over to us by the Chairperson, Linda Price. We will update you on the shows as we get them organized and scheduled. 

Our Goal? To provide amazing, loving, healthy and ethically bred Syrian Hamsters. In addition, we want to provide education and proper hamster care for our community. 

 Erin's Hamsters

 Tony's Hamsters

Who Are We?

Wendell is a special member of CSH. He was pulled from a petstore due to his special needs. It's supsected he has hydrocephalus.