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There are countless rich and informative resources for hamster care on the web, but unfortunately there are just as many sites that recommend questionable care. Please use this page as a directory of credible research and advice. We hope it helps you to find the answers you need.


Tony's Vet:

Arroyo Vista Veterinary Hospital (All of the doctors are fantastic!)

476 West Los Angeles Avenue, Suite B9

Moorpark, CA



If these veterinarians are not in your area (including folks from out of state/country), please follow this link. It will take you to a form to search for bird veterinarians, who also often see exotic animals. Just call and ask first!

Groups to Join

Erin and Tony are admins of several awesome facebook groups! You should totally join them.


The largest hamster group on Facebook, with close to 30k members. There is only a very small team of admins who are all experts in the field.

Hamster Help with the Pipsqueakery and Friends

Run by Alex of The Pipsqueakery, an awesome small animal rescue in Indiana.

Cheeks and Squeaks Adopters

We made a group just for our awesome adopters so that we can all keep in touch!

California Hamster Association

Run by the four ladies of the California Hamster Association (including us!), this group was made for our members to share info and show updates.

Hydrocephalic Syrians Hamsters

We focus on supporting folks with these animals, and work collectively toward finding the best care for them.

Though we are not admins, we do highly recommend Ham-Ham Love! It is a lighthearted group for sharing info and photos.

Helpful Articles

Tip: Pink links indicate that the article was written by us, black links indicate another source. 

General Care

The First Day

Proper Care by Strong Brew Hamstery

Hamster Care

Syrians are Solitary

How often should I clean?--an article by the Pipsqueakery anda study on the topic

What bedding should I use?

Benefits of deep bedding

Litter Training Your Hamster

Health Care

Health Checks

Signs of Illness

Hydrocephalus in Syrian Hamsters

Proliferative Ileitis (Wet Tail)

Herbal/Holisitic/Homeopathic Treatments--Do they work and what are the differences?

Does Your Hamster Need a Manicure? (Unfortunately, this site is old and the photos are now unavailable. But the info is still accurate!)

Oops! My Hamster is pregnant!


Our Personal Beliefs 

What are Lab Blocks?

Feeding and Nutrition by the California Hamster Association

Diet Changes Throughout the Life of a Hamster

Safe and Unsafe Foods

Giving Hamster Vitamins

Chocolate is safe!


Dangerous Products

Our Fave Products

Mesh/Wire Wheels and their effects

Additional Resources

Erin's Vet:

Dr. Sydney Pokard (any vet is excellent at this office)
Serrano Animal and Bird Hospital

Animal Urgent Care of South Orange County

28085 Hillcrest Drive

Mission Viejo, CA