Please note that you will be applying for our Summer litters (August/September adoptions). We do not have hamsters immediately available for adoption. Thank you for understanding.

Adoption Application

Are you all done? Check out our Adoption Process page to see your next steps!

Us girls want to remind you to read our adoption guidelines before filling out this application. Please be sure you are prepared to meet them before you apply. They are as follows:

  • Cages must meet or exceed 450 square inches with a bar spacing of no more than 1/2 inch. No wire ​bottoms.  No Crittertrails or Habitrail Ovo. See our Cage Page or ask us for ideas! 
    • Please note that 20 gallon longs are no longer considered suitable housing. They only provide 360 square inches!
  • Wheels must be 9" or larger and must offer a solid running surface. No wire or mesh wheels. See our Wheels page for ideas!
  • We highly recommend feeding Harlan Teklad--it's what we believe to be the best. See our Feeding and Nutrition page for more details.
  • Soft, paper-based bedding is recommended. Hamsters must NOT be kept on cedar or pine bedding! These products can severely damage their respiratory systems and lead to irreversible damage and/or death. 
  • Syrian hamsters must be kept solitary—no exceptions!
  • We STRONGLY discourage breeding our hamsters. However, if you are planning on breeding your hamster, please let us know up front. We would rather point you toward our best stock than have you breed a hamster that would have been better as a pet.

We also ask you to please be honest and answer each of these questions truthfully. We have never denied anyone based on their answers to this form, so please do not feel intimidated. If we think you could make some positive changes, we will discuss it with you in our response email and help guide you in the right direction. We know that you are applying because you love hamsters like we do!