• Rescue hamster adoption
  • 1 gallon ziploc of Harlan Teklad 8640
  • Bag of treats
  • 24/7 support for your hamster's life (and beyond!) 
  • Hamster adoption (duh!)
  • 1 pound sample of Harlan Teklad 8640
  • Sample of Higgin's Sunburst
  • Litter sample and starter litter box 
  • Bag of treats
  • Pedigree and access to our care sheets (PDF's)
  • 24/7 support for your hamster's life (and beyond!) 

A La Carte (add-ons to any package)

Fortiflex mini pan--useful as large litter box

(your color choice)


Our basic package for repeat adopters, also included in every other adoption package. Please note that this option is not available alone for new adopters.

The Squeaky Starter Package includes:

Our mid-range adoption package. This one is perfect for experienced hamster owners with a current cage and for folks that want to pick all their own stuff.

The Treats in Cheeks Package includes:

Adoption Packages

  • Everything from the "Treats in Cheeks" Package
  • Prevue 528 Universal Small Animal Cage
  • ​Large bag of Kaytee Clean and Cozy (1000 cubic inches)
  • Oasis Bell Bottle
  • 9.5" Prevue Quiet Wheel, designed to be attached to the cage
  • Prevue Wooden Hamster Hut
  • Everything from the "Squeaky Starter Package"
  • ​Large, gallon sized bag of Harlan Teklad 8640 (approx. 6 month supply)
  • ​Larger sample bag of Higgin's Sunburst seed mix

Living World Carrier


Gallon ziploc of Harlan Teklad 8640


The perfect package for folks that want to open their heart to a rescue hamster.  The adoption fee goes toward our veterinary rescue fund, which allows us to help more hamsters in the future.

The Adoption Option includes:

Our full and complete adoption package! We recommend this option for folks that are new to hamsters, need a new cage, and/or don't want to deal with the stress of finding JUST the right products.

As a bonus, adopters that purchase the Stuffed Cheeks Package get to skip cage approval photos!

The Stuffed Cheeks Package includes: