After lots of requests and considerations, Cheeks and Squeaks now offers the option of purchasing bin cages during your adoption! The options are endless and each cage is totally customized to your specifications. We charge $50 for our bin cages to cover the cost of materials and the few hours of work. If you are adopting from us and are interested in ordering a bin cage, fill out the order form below!

Bin Cages

Solder Ironto poke holes for the zip ties and melt the the plastic for windows. $19.99

Ikea Samla Bin ($14.99) 468 square inches of floor space which is the tallest is for taller wheels like theCarolina Storm Wheel or 11" Wodent Wheel

Meshfor the windows of the bin.  $8.99

Zip Ties available anywhere! 

Uber 6" Cable ties available at Home Depot and many other stores as well. 


  • Very Economical
  • Easily customized
  • Fun to make!
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to clean


  • Requires basic tools
  • Not totally escape-proof for super determined hams!
  • Can be chewed, depending on the style of bin.

If you are interesting in making one yourself, bin cages are the most economical choice for those with some basic tools. Cheeks and Squeaks requires a minimum of 450 square inches of unbroken living space for your hamster. This can be achieved by purchasing a Sterilite 110 quart storage bin which adds roughly 450 square inches of floor space to the minimum and allows more room for toys! The amazing 50 gallon Sterilite can be purchased at Walmart and is our recommended bin cage as it can fit large bucket wheels and more! Pic shown below. The cost to make a bin cage is roughly between $15-30 dollars, but could possibly be less depending on the materials you have on hand. That is as much—if not less—than you would spend on a very small pet store cage.

I used a variety of tutorials to start making my cages, but my favourite is this one:
To use a solder iron/knife to poke holes and windows in the bin, here is a DIY link
The rack photographed is available at Home Depot.

More product links below the pictures.

The ties used to lock the cages in the photo are Uber 6-in cable ties, available inexpensively in the electronics section of Target, or on Amazon. (Use a 5/16 drill bit if you want to use them)