Bin Cages

Solder Ironto poke holes for the zip ties and melt the the plastic for windows. $19.99

Ikea Samla Bin ($14.99) 468 square inches of floor space which is the tallest is for taller wheels like theCarolina Storm Wheel or 11" Wodent Wheel

Mesh for the windows of the bin.  $8.99

Zip Ties available anywhere! 

Uber 6" Cable ties available at Home Depot and many other stores as well. 


  • Very Economical
  • Easily customized
  • Fun to make!
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to clean


  • Requires basic tools
  • Not escape-proof if made incorrectly (I’ve never had a problem though!)
  • Can be chewed, depending on the style of bin type.

Bin cages are the most economical choice for those with some basic tools. Cheeks and Squeaks requires a minimum of 450 square inches of unbroken living space for your hamster. This can be achieved by purchasing a Sterilite 110 quart storage bin. which adds roughly 450 square inches of floor space to the minimum and allows more room for toys! The cost to make a bin cage is roughly between $15-30 dollars, but could possibly be less depending on the materials you have on hand. That is as much—if not less—than you would spend on a very small pet store cage.

My favourite thing about bin cages is how infinitely customizable they are. I have used different types of mesh, different types of bins, and used all kinds of materials to decorate each one exactly the way I wanted. As a crafty person, it feels good to see my animals enjoying something I made for them with love and I enjoy preparing for a new arrival by making them a special bin as a homecoming gift. Though my first cage was tricky to figure out, I’m now very fast at making them, and keep the supplies to do so on hand in case a need arises. I have even used the bin cage method to make quick travel carriers in a pinch!

I have lots of tips and tricks for making bin cages, so if you have any questions, just email and I will answer personally!

I used a variety of tutorials to start making my cages, but my favourite is this one:
To use a solder iron/knife to poke holes and windows in the bin, here is a DIY link
The rack photographed is available at Home Depot.

More product links below the pictures.

The ties used to lock the cages in the photo are Uber 6-in cable ties, available inexpensively in the electronics section of Target, or on Amazon. (Use a 5/16 drill bit if you want to use them)