• You can order on Amazon Prime
  • The space is about 816 square inches per floor
  • Plenty of room for ALL the toys your hamsters deserve
  • The pan pulls out for easy cleaning.
  • The extra shelves have trays that pull out for easy cleaning
  • The possibilities to be creative are endless
  • Easy access to your hamster! 
  • You can house one hamster in each section OR let one hamster have the whole thing!


  • The cost $205 for a double $165 for a single, plus additional 3 inch deep pans and the extra levels. (pans are around $40 each with shipping) BUT, it is so worth it. 
  • You need space to keep it 63" tall x 36" long x 24" wide

Critter Nation, modified

Critter Nation Online - Amazon Critter Nation Double

3" Steel Pans: Bass Equipment Supply - Ferret Nation Cage Pans

Note: If you are going to put 2 hamsters in a double nation you will need two pans with no cut out for the ladder opening to block the hole.

Extra levels/shelves (comes with one for each section which 2 are needed for each section)

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