What type of food do we recommend? 

CSH and all of the other ethical breeders we work with use Harlan Teklad lab blocks. We use formula 8640 for our breeding hammies and 2018 for our senior hams. Along with the lab blocks we offer them a homemade mix. Higgins Sunburst is a suitable mix (as treats, not the main source of nutrition) to purchase at the Petco. Fresh fruit and veggies a couple times a week will make your hammy very happy as well! 

Where to buy?

If we can, we can ship and meet with our adopters to purchase food. Just e-mail or Facebook Messenger us! We will sell both 2018 and 8640 Formulas at the CHA Hamster Shows. Check out facebook at https://www.facebook.com/CHAhamsters/ or the website at www.californiahamsterassociation.com


Currently the easiest place to order small quantities online is  Wee Companionsin San Diego. Amazon may also have some. 

Hamster Food