Link to the Ikea Detolf

  • At $70 it's inexpensive for what you get. 
  • 1024 square inches
  • You can view your hamster easily and watch him/her play
  • Cleaning is easy – just use a broom and dust pan
  • Full clean out less often because it’s so big.
  • Looks amazing!


  • Purchasing and putting it together should be a 2 person job. It’s very heavy and awkward to get all the pieces together.
  • You will need space to put it.
  • You will need to DIY lids because they will be able to climb out!

Here is an article I did for Small Animal Channel for the detolf which includes a DIY link to make lids.

Spooky Halloween Themed Cage for Petunia

Ikea Detolf