Ikea Detolf

The Ikea Detolf is a popular choice of cages for those with minimal DIY skills who feel other suitable options are out of their price range. It is a glass display case that is played on its side to provide a large habitat. The detolf actually provides the largest amount of unbroken floor space (in terms of square inches) of any cage on the market. You can fit tons of toys in the cage, and it does look quite sleek on display. We have a few cute cage tours and photos below so you can see just how versatile this option is.

Detolf Questions
How large is this cage? How much room do I need for it?
On its side, the cage is about 64" wide, 17" tall, and 14" deep.  This means you will need a little over 5 square feet to keep the cage (5 feet long and 1 foot + 2 inches out from the wall). It is actually fairly easy to find a place for as it can rest on top of all kinds of furniture that is probably already in your home.

What do I need to get started?
Besides the cage itself, you will need something for it to rest on safely. The furniture should fully support the glass bottom, otherwise you risk the cage falling or cracking. The Hemnes dresser from Ikea holds it very well, as does the Ikea Kallax series (which comes in cute colors!). Some other options from Ikea include the Lack TV unit, 4 or 5 small Lack Tables, and the Nordli 8-drawer chest. Of course, if you own furniture that matches the measurements of the cage--such as a dresser, a table, or even a console piano--you can use that too.

You will also need the materials to create a lid for the cage. There are multiple tutorials (like this and this) on Youtube, but for all of them you will need some wood and hardware cloth.

Is the detolf hard to clean?
Not at all! It will be a little bit of a different process than other cages though. You will scoop the bedding out of the cage using either your hands or a dustpan, and put it into a trash can or bag. Then just toss and refill! There are lots of videos on youtube (like this and this) to help you with your new cage!

If you need to wipe down the glass, use a safe cleaner such as vinegar and then wipe well with a wet cloth or paper towel and dry. The outside of the glass can be cleaned with natural glass cleaner--equal parts vinegar, water, and rubbing alcohol. 

What products are you talking about, exactly?
Hemnes--available in white and black-brown
Kallax--lain on its side
Lack TV unit
Lack tables--you will need at least 4, but 5 would hold it with no overhang and give you a little room to keep stuff nearby

What can I do with this cage?
SO much! Check out these super cute cage tours by Erin to get some ideas and see all this cage has to offer!