What and Where do I purchase a Play Pen?  

Storage cube panels on Amazon (Take each panel and zip tie them together) This can be set up as a very large play pen and will allow at least 2 people to sit in the pen with the hamster. (Recommended)

Play Pen

Why do I need a Play Pen?   

Your new hamster needs to get familiar with you and your family! Even though they are tame and handled by us regularily, they need to get familiar with all the new people in their forever lives.  The play pen is a perfect tool for you to sit with your hamster and allow them to safely interact with humans without fear of being lost.  As you can see in the pictures, we use the play pen for our adopters to meet meet and safely handle their new hamster pup.  (Do not use them outdoors) The play pen is also a great way to let your hamster out of their cage and play with different wheels and other toys. 

Nylon Ball Pit   This will allow one small child to sit in the play pen with a couple of toys and the hamster. It can be chewed through very easily.