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Adoption Information

What makes your hamsters different?

We breed Syrian hamsters, known as "teddy bear hamsters" in the pet store. However, that's where the similarities end! Let's talk about all the reasons you should support ethical hamster breeders.

  • Your animal comes from a loving home, not a rodent mill. We breed our females when they are of appropriate age, and take all proper steps to ensure the health of our pups. We treat our animals with respect and kindness—they are pets first, baby-makers second.
  • We breed to show standards and are constantly working on producing more and more beautiful and technically correct animals. We think our hamsters look totally different!
  • Our hamster pups are tamed as soon as they are safe to handle. This means your little guy or gal will go home with some basic manners on interacting with humans. Think of us as hamster charm school.
  • Your hamster comes home potty trained! Just provide a dish of plain old sand and they will do the rest!
  • You can embarrass your hamster for years to come with the baby pictures we provide you!
  • Your hamster leaves our house party with a goodie bag--see below!
  • We are your resident hamster nerds! Come to us with any questions you might have at any point of your hamsters’ life. ​

How much does it cost?

Our base adoption fee is $60. This includes the hamster (of course!), 5 pounds/6 month suppy of high quality food, a bag of treats, their personal pedigree, a container of sand to get you started, and a snuggle sack. 

We also sell Wodent Wheel Seniors (limited supply) for $15, extra food, hammocks, travel carriers and are able to make custom bin cages too! See our bin cage page for more info on that!

How long does it take?

We do maintain a wait list, and often times the waiting period varies. Please know that because we treat our animals kindly by waiting until they're ready to have babies, you may have to wait up to 6 months for a hamster. We do our very best to make sure everyone is happy and keep this time as short as possible. Thanks for understanding and supporting us!