Noelle, adopter of Recess (now Fado) from the Back to School litter

A quick shout out to the amazing folks that took the time to write such nice things about us. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

"A good friend of mine researched hamster adoptions online when I expressed my frustration with the dearth and/or poor health of teddy bear hamsters in my local pet stores.  When she showed me the link to Cheeks and Squeaks, I was intrigued and felt an instant connection with Tony and Erin because of their love of hamsters!  In most cases, hamster owners grow out of this obsession when they hit their teens, but I continued to have them as pets on and off over the past 40 years.  

Recently it has become increasingly difficult to find Syrian long-haired hamsters which are my absolute favorite.  To be able to request my preferred hamster in advance with Cheeks and Squeaks was such a novel concept.  It only took a couple of months before we expectant parents received the happy news of imminent litters.  When we brought Recess (now called Fado) home, we were amazed how friendly and affectionate he was due to Tony's training.  And the most exciting discovery was how well Recess was potty-trained!  In all my 40+ years as a hamster lover, I had no idea they could be potty-trained.

I highly recommend Cheeks and Squeeks to the young and old - they make the transition to the adopter homes so easy.  I also appreciate their hamster health and wellness tips!"

Our little Oliver came to us very healthy, potty trained & sweet, thanks to Cheeks & Squeeks! We were also so happy that our hammie never experienced any cruelty in the way he was bred or handled before he came home with us. Tony & Erin are very passionate, knowledgeable & helpful! They will generously answer any questions before, during & after adoptions. The adoption was a wonderful experience in every aspect & we highly recommend them to anyone wanting to add a hamster to their family!

Stephanie, adopter of Skipper (now Ikrit) from the Gilligan's Island litter

Mindee, adopter of Bashful (now Blanket) from the Snow White litter

Julie, adopter of Fred (now Oliver) from the Scooby Doo litter

If you have adopted from us and would like to be part of this page, we would love that! Shoot us an email and we will give you the info!

I'm the very proud momma of Ikrit formally know as Skipper from the Gilligan's Island litter. After owning pet shop hamsters who had health issues from rodent mill type breeding I went in search of a breeder who bred ethically and for the love of hamsters. I was lucky enough to stumble across Cheeks & Squeaks and couldn't be happier. When you speak to and ultimately meet Tony and Erin of Cheeks & Squeaks you can tell they are open, knowledgeable, and truly love hamsters, not to mention they are two of the most caring people you'll ever meet. They are always available to answer questions or talk you through concerns. They will happily show you where thier hamsters live, the food they eat, and they are open and honest about the standards they uphold when breeding. 
I got to watch Ikrit grow from a pup under the loving care of his mommy Ganache and Erin through frequent Facebook and Instagram live streams. He was potty trained and as sweet as sweet could be right from the start. He wasn't afraid of people because he was handled lovingly from the minute he opened his eyes. Ikrit is my wild child, but even with my wild toddler who loves to be the snackie delivery service he is loving and sweet. For anyone considering adopting a ham kid I recommend Cheeks & Squeaks and joining this amazing community of hamster lovers. ❤

"I got my boy Blanket from Cheeks and Squeaks this spring. He is exactly what I was hoping for, a super long and fuzzy cream colored rex coat. He is very healthy, and huge!!! A real live hand sized teddy bear.  Cheeks and Squeaks handles their hammies from the time their eyes are open and he was instantly ready to warm up to me and play.  He has his own quirky personality, sometimes a cuddler, and other times curious, full of energy, and ready to explore. Cheeks and Squeaks provide you with a nice welcome package to go with your new hammy, the pedigree certificate, baby pictures, and lots of care information.  They really love their hamsters and want to make sure they go to a loving home and are properly taken care of. You can follow them on social media to keep an eye on the parents, or check out the new litters that may be the brothers/sisters or nieces/nephews to your special hammy.  I am beyond happy with all they have done for my special guy and me."