Bucket Wheels-

Here are two vendors to purchase bucket wheels. 

Carolina Storm Wheels- Express Version is Great for Hams

Strong Brew Hasmtery Bucket Wheels - Canada


Wodent Wheels

We occassionally have WW in stock for half the retail price. Check with us on availability (no shipping - in person only)

They come in 8", 11" and 12"

​Purchase online here : ExoticNutrition.com

Silent Runners:

Purchase online here : ExoticNutrition.com

They come in 9" and 12"! While they may not come in cute colors, but they are easy to clean and provide a more stable base to set the wheel on bedding. 

Wheels are the most important item your hamster will have. Given the proper wheel, its thought that they will travel 6-10 miles a night!  Since that is a lot of ground to cover, we would like to recommend a few of our favorite wheels below.

 Note: Syrians require a minimum of 8" sized wheels but have found our hamsters to be a bit larger than average and will do better in the 9" or larger wheels by the time they are full grown. (approx 6months of age)